Flexible Employment for Women

As an extension of the YWCA Empowering Mums (EM) project, EM Enterprises was established to provide our beneficiaries with a flexible source of employment.


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    An extension of the YWCA Empowering Mums (EM) Programme, YWCA Weaving programme was set up to provide beneficiary women from disadvantaged backgrounds with an alternative source of flexible income.

    This was made possible with the generous support from Lee Foundation and UPS.

    In this programme, the women are first trained in the unique art of freeform weaving where they will pick up the skills and knowledge behind the art that they will impart onto others as they conduct the workshops. To date, the YWCA Weaving Programme has helped 11 beneficiary women find flexible employment opportunities in a safe and welcoming environment.

    All proceeds from these workshops go back to supporting our beneficiary mothers.

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    For corporate teambonding and private event bookings, please email ywcaent@ywca.org.sg for more info.


    NOMS is a social enterprise project that provides women from low-income families with flexible employment opportunities by hosting cooking classes that showcases Singapore’s rich and diverse cuisine.

    The concept was novel and ripe for synergy: YWCA has a long heritage of cookery and homely recipes on hand and we have an industrial-standard kitchen at our premise. Further, the classes could be promoted to our guests at YWCA Fort Canning for a meaningful tourist experience.

    Guests will attend a cooking demonstration hosted by our beneficiary mums who will also share about the heritage of the dish and personal anecdotes of all dishes and ingredients. Next, guests will get to have a hand-on experience of trying to cook the dishes themselves, with tip and guidance from our hosts.

    Classes are typically hosted in small group settings and enquiries for private groups are welcomed.

    NOMS is currently available on Airbnb Experiences, available for booking here.

    Note: NOMS is temporarily not available due to the COVID-19 situation. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay tune for updates!

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