Empowering Mums (EM)

The Empowering Mums Project is a dedicated community service initiative of the YWCA to help back-to-work mothers from low-income families become empowered to improve their employment situation from a holistic view. The project runs a free 10-week schedule of group work and employability skills workshops culminating in a makeover and graduation, with periodic employment opportunities, to support mothers on their journey of self-driven change.

We are seeking facilitators for workshops and mentors to guide the mothers through their journey back to employment, as well as any sponsors or donors who can help prepare them too. We are also looking for childminders to look after the children so that the mums can learn with peace of mind, knowing their children are in safe hands. Childminders will help meet the children’s basic care needs, such as ensuring they finish their provided dinner and taking them to the restroom whilst engaging them in their respective activities. This helps prepare children to transition to other care when their mums eventually return to employment. 


Roles Description Schedule
Befriender Befriend the mums and provide support to them.  TBC
Childminder Take care of the children by engaging them in meaningful activities so that our mums will be able to attend the workshops with peace of mind, thus contributing to a higher attendance and success rate of the programme.   TBC
Facilitator To plan and execute workshops that help our beneficiary mums on their journey of self-driven change.  TBC


Fill in the volunteer form to commit your support today. For more information, drop us a call at 62231227 or email us at  ywcavolunteer@ywca.org.sg to commit your support today! If you are not able to contribute your time towards our community services, the YWCA invites you to consider making a donation to this programme so we can do more to help these deserving mums.