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Volunteers are the foundation of all YWCA’s community initiatives. Our volunteers have positively impacted our beneficiaries’ lives with their dedication and benevolence. We invite you to join us to spread joy and hope to those in need and make a difference to our community.


YWCA is on a lookout for corporate and individual volunteers to fill the following positions. If you are looking for an enriching way to spend weekday afternoons or weekend mornings, join us as we bring hope and spread joy to those in need.


Meal Delivery Volunteer

One volunteer to follow our driver on the YWCA van to send meals to the needy.

Mainly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, 8.30 – 11a.m.

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Packer (Sustenance For Families)

To assist with packing dry rations for the beneficiaries of the Sustenance for Families programme.

Venue: YWCA Hall at YWCA National Office (Outram) mainly on Friday afternoon

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Tutor / Befriender required for Kids' Weekday Care to interact with and befriend primary school children and/or to guide them on their homework and assessment.

Venue: YWCA National Office (Outram) mainly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

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Packer (Fresh Food Distribution)

To pack and distribute fresh food to our beneficiaries.

Venue: Banda Street mainly on Tuesday afternoon.

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Calling All Businesses

Interested in partnering YWCA on rewarding
Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives?

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ywcavolunteer@ywca.org.sg +65 6223 1227

Hear What Our
Volunteers Have To Say!

"I feel a sense of purpose from the programmes I have volunteered for. When the beneficiaries appreciate what you do for them, it gives me a sense of fulfilment and helps me value day-to-day life."

Dewi Huang

“I enjoy interacting with children. I find them fun and interesting and you can learn so much from them! You'll be surprised to find that these children can actually think so differently from us.”

Yong Qi

“I feel a sense of achievement and happiness when I can offload the burden of another person. Keep an open mind and don't treat volunteering like a job.”

Ek Len

“Volunteering is a good way of saying thank you by paying it forward. You also get to meet different people from all walks of life and interact with them!”

Wei Ling

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