By Love Serve One Another

The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Singapore is the oldest women’s organisation in Singapore.
Founded in 1875, the YWCA has always been committed to meeting the needs of our society through her active
involvement in community services and its many programmes and activities.

Our Vision

The YWCA is a united movement of women
based on Christian faith and love with the
purpose of bringing women into a community
fellowship through which they may grow as
Christians by faith, word and deed.


Our Mission

The mission of the Association is to serve the Community regardless of race, belief or religion, with love and compassion and provide quality programmes, facilities and services to:

  • Advance the development of women
    and girls in body, mind and spirit.
  • Benefit the Community. The Association
    may work with other organisations and
    agencies to fulfil her mission.

Core Values

With YWCA’s vision and mission, we commit to act based on our core values:



To willingly give of oneself and one’s knowledge and skills in service to the Association and to bring glory to God.



To love and care for our users and beneficiaries, to help the community and improve the status of women and children.



To provide excellent service, relevant programmes and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the Association.



To value the unique contribution and worth of every person and have due regard for the feelings and rights of others.



To work together towards the Vision and Mission of YWCA.

Charity Status

Charity Registration No: 00103
Charity Registration Date: 29/10/1984
Constitution: Society
Date of Establishment: 17/02/1961
UEN: S61SS0075J

IPC Status

IPC Registration No.: IPC000427
Validity Period: 01/7/2022 to 31/3/2025
Sector Administrator: Ministry of Social and Family Development

Our Awards

Over the years, YWCA of Singapore has received awards and accolades which stand as testimonies and endorsements of our service and contributions to the community. Here are some of our awards:

  • YWCA

    2019 Charity Transparency Award

    YWCA of Singapore has been awarded the Charity Transparency Award 2019 at the Charity Transparency and Governance Award 2019. 

    The award recognises charities which display transparent and good disclosure practices that the Charity Transparency Framework recommends.

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