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  • Sep 09 2019 - 1 MIN READ

Neighbourhood Noms has officially handed over the full project to YWCA from Sept 2019.

While we are pending relaunch as YWCA Noms in 2020, our cooking classes are operational on Airbnb Experiences. We are the only Social Impact cooking class listed for Singapore so sign up to enjoy good heritage food for a great cause!

We are also open for menu customisation and private bookings via email.

In June 2017, a student group from Enactus NUS approached YWCA with an innovative collaboration for Empowering Mums (EM). They proposed Neighbourhood Noms, a social enterprise project that aims to empower women from low-income families by providing them with flexible employment opportunities by hosting cooking classes that showcase Singapore’s rich and diverse culture and cuisine.

The concept was novel and ripe for synergy: YWCA has a long heritage of cookery and homely recipes on hand; we have an industrial standard kitchen with necessary equipment in the Hall at our National Office; YWCA has stocks of food-themed merchandise to sell as souvenirs; and the classes could be promoted to our Fort Canning Lodge guests for a more meaningful tourist experience.

A pilot was held on 4 November 2017 with four mothers recruited from our programme beneficiaries and Pekik Community Services. It was a great success! The 13 participants comprising expat families and foreign students had a great bonding time learning to cook local dishes together. Feedback was very positive and the experience was a beautiful mix of good food, great company, authentic culture and a worthy cause.

The Neighbourhood Noms team and YWCA have further refined the project over another four runs since then and launched Noms@YWCA on 24 March 2018. Noms@YWCA is proud to present many more of such monthly or bi-monthly cooking classes that marry social impact with entrepreneurial edge at the YWCA Kitchen for new groups of EM mums.

As of 6 September 2019, the Neighbourhood Noms project has been handed over fully to YWCA and we thank all those involved for your past support and hope to see you again at future classes. Below are some milestones achieved with your help. The torch is now handed over to YWCA to carry on this good work so please look forward to our updates on the Neighbourhood Noms project in end 2019!

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