Small Actions, Big Impact

  • Gerlynn Cai, Regina Chia
  • Jan 25 2022 - 4 mins read

2 Corinthians 9:6-8 says,” Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Indeed, here at YWCA, we are ever so grateful to all our donors, volunteers and supporters for their faithful contributions of gifts and time. It is not about how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. When each of us, no matter how small our contribution, rallies together to support a cause we believe in, we can do great things together.

Take for instance our Meals-on-Wheels programme. Did you know that $2.50 is all you need to sponsor a meal? In 2021, our donors helped feed more than 600 elderlies, children, and disabled beneficiaries with 2 nutritious meals a day.

Our Meals-on-Wheels programme helps relieve the financial burden of our beneficiaries and ensure that they have the nutrition they need to sustain good health. Due to their circumstances, many of our beneficiaries have little or no means of finding suitable jobs to support their basic welfare and rely largely on social support to survive. With your contribution, we hope to reach out to more of such beneficiaries because no one should have to go hungry.

With unwavering commitment from our volunteers and sponsors for our Sustenance for Families programme, we continued to deliver dry rations to over 1000 needy families every month. These dry rations help our beneficiaries tide through their financial situations and may include special items like diapers and milk powder for adults and children. $35 is all you need to sponsor a dry pack and send hope to a needy family for a month.

Our Kids’ Weekday Care programme, which provides children from disadvantaged backgrounds with socio-emotional support and opportunities to learn life skills, requires about $300 per month to accommodate each child. This programme may be the only opportunity these children receive to help them out of the poverty cycle, so its continuation is essential in making a sustained difference in the children’s lives.

We want not just to be able to bless others, but to help with life-changing transformation. Our Empowering Mums programme is one such programme that advocates life-long change. It runs free workshops for our beneficiary mothers to improve their employability from a holistic view, so that in the long run, they may be able to become a stronger version of themselves, physically, emotionally, and financially. The cost of running this 10-week programme is nearly $1000 for each mother, but its immense benefits are immeasurable. Since the launch of this programme in 2015, YWCA has empowered 91 women on this journey of self-driven change.

The COVID-19 situation has undoubtedly put a strain on our finances and resources, and we need your continued support now, more than ever. This is so that we can continue to serve the community, and send hope, relief, and love to those in need, a dollar at a time. Remember, when we rally together, small actions can make a big impact.

If you believe in our causes and want to contribute, click here for volunteer opportunities, or here to give. Alternatively, email us at admin@ywca.org.sg to find out more.

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