#ServingHope, One Senior At A Time: Story of Uncle Tan

  • Regina Chia
  • Sep 06 2023 - 3 Mins Read

Uncle Tan Tee Kia, 87 years old, graces each day with a blend of resilience and optimism. He finds solace in the ebb and flow of passing moments, acutely aware that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Even in the shadow of a terminal illness, Uncle Tan remains an embodiment of strength, encouraging fellow cancer warriors not to yield to despair but to confront their adversities with courage.


Navigating Challenges

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Uncle Tan’s life took a turn. With his daily mobility compromised, leaving his home became an arduous feat. He confides, “Ever since I was diagnosed with brain cancer, I find going out a chore as I’m unable to walk long distances due to my weak legs and the bouts of dizziness I experience after walking for quite some time.”

Fuelled by these challenges, Uncle Tan sought support from a social service agency in Redhill, where he was introduced to the YWCA’s Meals-on-Wheels programme. The programme serves as a lifeline to seniors like Uncle Tan, bringing daily meals and convenience to their doorsteps.

Beyond Nourishment

YWCA’s Meals-on-Wheels deliveries goes beyond providing nutritious meals to homebound individuals. It also got Uncle Tan acquainted to a network of compassionate volunteers who extend their care and support for him.

Uncle Tan fondly recalls, “The individuals who deliver the meals to us are truly kind and compassionate,” he added, “They go the extra mile to keep our spirits lifted and often check in on our well-being before moving on to their next delivery.” These interactions became bright spots in his days.

Bringing Hope To Seniors

Uncle Tan’s connection with YWCA continues after mealtime. He is regularly invited to participate in events organised by our Meals-on-Wheels programme. These gatherings serve as avenues to uplift the spirits and keep seniors like him engaged. Beyond mere social interactions, these events foster a sense of community, providing these seniors a platform to forge new friendships and connections.

Uncle Tan’s heart brims with gratitude to the volunteers and donors who have touched his life. He recognises the determination and compassion required to serve individuals like him. Even though he genuinely desires to give back like them, he humbly admits that he has his limitations. “As much as I’d like to help others, I do not have the physical strength due to my health,” he confides.

YWCA’s Meals-on-Wheels programme is more than just sustenance, it provides hope, optimism, and a sense of belonging to those who might feel isolated by their circumstances.

#ServingHope, One Senior At A Time

#ServingHope is a reminder that we have the power to make a difference with compassion. Every contribution, whether big or small, goes a long way in positively impacting someone’s life. We invite you to join us in this movement today.

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