#ServingHope in the Cosmos

  • Regina Chia
  • Feb 15 2024 - 3 Mins Read

“My siblings and I enjoyed ourselves at the party! The activities were fun, and we got to interact with other people…” – Darren, Meals-On-Wheels Young Beneficiary

YWCA Fort Canning’s Peace Room was no ordinary space last December as it was decorated with balloons in the form of spaceships, planets and a galaxy of stars, all set for the Year End Party. The event brought together both young and old beneficiaries from our community service programmes as they gathered for a day of fun in an astronomical wonderland. The room buzzed with excitement as the guests snapped some photos with the astronaut mascot and eagerly waited for the event to begin.

Happy kids posing with the astronaut mascot


A Sense of Community

The event brought together a diverse group – children and elderly beneficiaries from our various community service programmes. Activities ranged from brain teasers to crafting delicious miniature cakes in a workshop conducted by Butter Studio. There was something for everyone and it was an opportunity for both the young and old beneficiaries to connect and share memories.

Children participating in a Freeze game

A volunteer from Ralph Lauren teaching the children how to pipe their cakes

A Happy Child Posing with His Finished Cake!

Learning how to pipe their cakes at the Butter Studio workshop

Our Ralph Lauren volunteers exemplified community spirit, as they actively served lunch to our guests, engaged them in the activities and created a culture where helping each other out became the norm. “My siblings and I enjoyed ourselves at the party! The activities were fun, and we got to interact with other people,” shared Darren, a young beneficiary.

Recognising Achievements and Milestones

The event was a blast, filled with laughter and games, but the showstopper was the heartwarming moment when the children were celebrated for their accomplishments throughout the year. They were given awards presented by our board member, Ms Lynette Piong, and our committee member, Mrs Jennifer Ng.

Ms Lynette Piong, our Board Member, presenting a bursary award. 

Mrs Jennifer Ng, our Committee Member, presenting an award. 

The awards were not the focal point – at least. It was recognising the children’s unique qualities and capabilities and empowering them to reach their full potential. That was the highlight of the event.

Making a Difference

The most precious gift of the day was the radiant smiles on the faces that our volunteers put on the faces of our beneficiaries. Every child left the party with a schoolbag and some presents sponsored by Ralph Lauren. “Hooray! A new school bag for Primary 1 in 2024!”, exclaimed Andrew (not his real name). The joy on the faces of the children was truly heartwarming and it was clear that they had a wonderful time.

Happy children with their new gifts!

Our Meals on Wheels Elderly Members Posing with an Astronaut Mascot

The event was a great success thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and community service programme staff who worked tirelessly to make it happen.

Ms Anne Chew, our Community Service Programmes Senior Manager, giving a token of appreciation to a Ralph Lauren representative.

A big Thank You to Ralph Lauren, Butter Studio and all our other volunteers who contributed to the success of this event. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

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