Empowering Mums 5 (2019-2020)

  • Joyce Neo
  • Jan 12 2020 - 1 MIN READ

Into its fifth annual project run, Empowering Mums 5 (EM5) continued YWCA’s work of supporting more women on the journey to better empowerment and employability from 1 November 2019 to graduation on 11 January 2020. A new timing was explored on Saturday mornings with a fresh batch of mums and children joining us. Once again meals, one-way transport and childminding services under the Empowering Kids programme were prepared to provide peace of mind for attendees with the dedicated support of our partners and volunteers. The following infographic details the resources gathered for EM5 families:

With the EM model garnering a steady 85% and above success rate at mums finding or maintaining employment and/or upgrading their skills around six months after graduation, EM5 presented nine employability skills workshops and seven support group sessions by our partnering facilitators. As before, the project aimed to first meet mothers where they are at in terms of knowledge and skills, transfer these to the employability context, provide strategies to overcome barriers to employment, and nurture their sense of personal agency through the support group setting.

We are so proud of the 13 mums who graduated in early 2020 and look forward to their continued progress and achievements in the next six months during the post-project phase. Additional monthly sessions will be held to keep up the journey with them and we wish them the best success in securing work and training opportunities to support their families and further their self-fulfillment.

“I find my strength and my capability based on my past working experience
and I’ve gained my confidence that I’m still able to gain knowledge and be right back on track
and I know what to achieve and my goals after I attend the course.”

– EM5 Graduate Mira

2019 Project Schedule

Venues: YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, 6 Fort Canning Road S179494 & National Office, 254 Outram Road S169051

Date/Time Programme
1 Nov 6.30-9.30pm Empowering Mums 5 Launch: Embarking on Your Journey by Kefi, Project Briefing & EM4 Graduates Sharing (Family invited)
9 Nov 9am-1pm Workshop 1*: Managing Relationships at Home & Work by Institute of Advanced Parentology
9 Nov 9am-1pm Workshop 1*: Managing Relationships at Home & Work by Institute of Advanced Parentology
16 Nov 9am-1pm Workshop 2*: Finding Your Mums Power by Amplify Point
23 Nov 9am-1pm Workshop 3: Self-Motivation & Resilience by Oumiworks
23 Nov 9am-1pm Workshop 3: Self-Motivation & Resilience by Oumiworks
30 Nov 9am-1pm Workshop 4*: EQ, Meditation & Mindfulness by Ennove Consultancy
7 Dec 9am-1pm Workshop 5*: Communication Strategies by Ennove Consultancy
14 Dec 9am-1pm Workshop 6*: The Reality of a Job Hunt by re:QUEST
21 Dec 9am-1pm Workshop 7*: Skillsfuture Advice by e2i
28 Dec 9am-1pm Workshop 8: Group Coaching by e2i
4 Jan 9am-1pm Workshop 9*: Professional Presentation by Image Mission
11 Jan 9am-3pm Makeover, Graduation Ceremony & Meet-&-Greet with Employment Partners (Family invited)

* Weekly support group sessions facilitated by YWCA

Halal food, childminding and transport from select locations is provided.

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