Empowered and Unstoppable: Empowering Mums 6 (EM6)

  • Regina Chia & Gerlynn Cai
  • Apr 10 2023 - 4 Mins Read

“I had a colourful past, but it doesn’t determine who I am today. I hope to be a source of hope and support for those who are going through the same struggles as I did.”
– Pei Ling, EM6 Graduate


      1. Empowering Mums 6 (EM6) Roundup
      2. Our Impact
      3. EM6 Employer’s Meet-and-Greet
      4. About the YWCA Empowering Mums Programme
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Empowering Mums 6 (EM6) Roundup

At the Empowering Mums 6 (EM6) Graduation Ceremony, a palpable feeling of excitement and anticipation permeated the room as these powerful women, looking their best, prepared themselves to go on stage. They had spent weeks reflecting on the challenges and triumphs that had brought them to this moment and were prepared to share their stories with loved ones who were eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Our graduate getting dolled up by a volunteer from Image Mission


EM6 graduates walking into Peace Room with their heads held high, exuding their newly discovered strength and confidence


Our graduates receiving their certificates from our YWCA President, Ms Janet Tan, for completing the Empowering Mums programme


Our graduates entered the room with their heads held high, exuding their newly discovered strength and confidence. They took to the stage one after another, sharing their stories of struggle, perseverance, and triumph.

EM6 Graduates expressing their gratitude and sharing their stories of struggle, perseverance and triumph with the audience


One graduate from the EM6 programme, Peiling, shared, “I had a colourful past, but it doesn’t determine who I am today. I hope to be a source of hope and support for those who are going through the same struggles as I did.”

Their speeches were passionate and inspiring as the guests listened intently. As the speeches came to a close, the guests rose to their feet and gave these women a standing ovation in recognition of their courage and resilience. Our graduates looked over the crowd, feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.

One of the content partners, Ms Barbara Crane, said, “I was very impressed by the desire I saw in the group to continuously learn and devote their lives to care for their children and extended families. Children watch us and learn from our example and the example the ladies set is foundational. In my view, there are two things which can help in furthering their growth: willingness and consistency. I commend this group for their commitment demonstrated and for continuing their journey to further independence and being such a great example of strength and self-worth, despite many challenges and difficulties.”

The Empowering Mums programme has been a major source of support and empowerment for back-to-work mothers from low-income families since its inception, and we are proud to have played a role in our graduates’ journey of self-driven change.

Congratulations to all our EM6 graduates! Well done!

Click here to watch our Empowering Mums 6 graduation video.


Our Impact

Giving marginalised women the tools and resources they require to advance will encourage a generation of strong, tenacious women who can guide and motivate their families and communities. It also illustrates the role the YWCA can play in empowering and supporting women in our local community.

Cherry, an EM6 graduate, said, “The programme is meaningful to me because going through the 10 sessions, I get to meet other mums in similar situations as I am, and I believe they are extremely strong and encouraging.”

The EM6 project saw all 10 mothers graduate with a high attendance rate of 80%-100%, of which 57% have secured a job since enrolling in the programme.

The success of the Empowering Mums programme is a testament to the power of women’s empowerment. Charmaine, a social worker from Singapore Aftercare Association said, “I’ve watched my client grow into a more confident lady with a higher sense of self-esteem and I’m also glad that it has enabled her to become more motivated and clearer in the goals she has set for herself.”

EM6 Employer’s Meet-and-Greet

Held on 25 March 2023, the YWCA EM6 Employer’s Meet-and-Greet session was organised to help candidates find suitable employment opportunities. Established organisations like Fairprice, Alexandra Hospital and Watson’s were among some of our partners offering flexible work arrangements, incentives, and on-the-job training to support these mums.

“Most candidates are back-to-work mothers, so we need to be understanding towards their backgrounds, and we have to share the positions that are flexible and suited to their needs,” said Annie from Fairprice.

EM6 Employers’ Meet-and-Greet

Our Empowering Mums 6 graduates felt this Meet-and-Greet session was fruitful and informative. Cherry added, “Flexible timing is important to me because I have two young children, one with mild Autism (ASD), and I’m a single mum. I like how some of these employers offer to pay bonuses even for part-timers.”


About the YWCA Empowering Mums Programme

The Empowering Mums programme is a powerful initiative to transform the lives of mothers from marginalized backgrounds. Our beneficiaries often face significant barriers to employment, including a lack of skills, experience, and socioeconomic challenges that make it difficult for them to secure meaningful employment.

In this programme, women are equipped with essential employability and soft skills to succeed in the workplace and in life. Through a series of empowerment workshops, they are taught to identify their strengths and set achievable goals to set them on a journey of self-driven change. The workshops cover a range of important themes, such as Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Financial Literacy, which promote mental well-being and a sense of control in their lives.

Following each workshop are support group sessions that run in tandem to the workshops to provide a safe space for mothers to share and journey together. These sessions help the mothers become more aware of their resources, values and accomplishments and are an important source of support and encouragement.

To encourage consistent attendance, Halal food, one-way transport, and childminding services are provided to help these mothers focus on their journey towards empowerment.



EM6 Project Schedule



Content Partner 

18 Nov 2022 (Fri),
7 pm to 9.30 pm 

EM6 Launch: Ice-breakers, Project Briefing & EM5 Graduates Sharing (Family invited)  
YWCA, EM5 Graduates, Content and Community Partners  

26 Nov 2022 (Sat),
9 am – 1 pm 

Workshop 1*: Finding Your Mums’ Power  
Amplify Point  

3 Dec 2022 (Sat),
9am – 1 pm 

Workshop 2* Financial Literacy  

10 Dec 2022 (Sat),
9am – 1 pm 

Workshop 3*: EQ and Mindfulness  
Ennove Consultancy  

17 Dec 2022 (Sat),
9am – 1 pm 

Workshop 4*: Reality of a Job Hunt  
re:Quest Asia  

7 Jan 2023 (Sat),
9am – 1pm 

Workshop 5*: Dress for Success 
Image Mission  

14 Jan 2023 (Sat),
9am – 1pm 

Workshop 6*: Stay on T.O.P – Time Management, Organisation and Planning  
Barbara Crane  

28 Jan 2023 (Sat), 
9am – 1 pm  

Workshop 7*: Mobile Job Search & Win the Search Workshop 

4 Feb 2023 (Sat),
9am – 1 pm 

Workshop 8*: Interview Coaching  

11 Feb 2023 (Sat),
9am – 1pm 

Graduation, Makeover and Employers Meet-up  

YWCA, makeover partners, employment partners  

*Weekly support group sessions facilitated by YWCA  

EM6 participants participating in a Financial Literacy workshop


Goal-setting workshop for our participants to help them manage their time


Resume-writing and mock interview skills for our EM6 participants


To further support our participants on their journey of self-driven change and employability, YWCA hosts 6 monthly post-project sessions which cover topics such as communication strategies, and relationship management.

Our Board Member, Ms Sim Hwee Hoon, presenting the mothers with tokens of appreciation.

Special Thanks

The Empowering Mum 6 programme would not have been made possible without the support from our sponsors, content and community partners. Thank you for your faithful support!



Content Partners:

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We hope to support and uplift more women into discovering their true potential and helping them find employability through our Empowering Mums project.

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