YWCA HeART Beats – A Music and Arts Charity Festival

  • Lau Rong Xian
  • Nov 30 2023 - 10 Min Read

What a Day of Joy and Excitement at YWCA HeART Beats!

25 Booths
25 Performers
5 Workshops
And 1 Heart in solidarity with our beneficiaries



Hello YWCA Family, we have concluded our first Music and Arts Charity Festival, ‘YWCA HeART Beats’! It was a wonderful day of individuals, organizations, and businesses coming together for a good cause.

Opening Ceremony of YWCA HeART Beats 2023

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What is YWCA HeART Beats?

At its core, YWCA HeART Beats is a testament to community collaboration to impact lives, where over 50 vendors, performers, and workshops converged!

The collective effort raised funds that serve as a beacon of hope for over 2000 households, empowering YWCA women and children and extending essential support to the elderly, disabled, and struggling families.


What We Experienced at YWCA HeART Beats – A Music and Arts Charity Festival

Right at the entrance of the festival, attendees were greeted by a captivating collection of over 100 artworks graciously donated by 52 talented young artists from Studio Haroobee, our Art Partner.

The artists conceptualised and crafted their artworks for over a month, drawing inspiration from beloved animals, idyllic landscapes and cherished storybooks. We celebrate these young ones for their creativity, philanthropy, and the power of art to inspire hope!

A guest viewing paintings by students of Studio Haroobee


As attendees appreciated the walls of art, familiar pop songs and excited chatter drew them nearer to the main event at the Sophia Cooke Ballroom.

The excitement stemmed from a full day of non-stop music performances by various performing groups in the Ballroom! First up were our talented YWCA preschoolers, who performed dances to songs like Oh Hallelujah and Butter by BTS. Their excited voices and dance moves filled our hearts, setting the mood for the day! All their parents, relatives, and friends cheered them on as they sang and danced their hearts out.

Performances by our YWCA Preschool Kids

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We also had young, talented pianists and violinists from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and Fisherman Music School, as well as a lineup of seasoned bands like The Breeze, International Baptist Church (IBC) Handbells Group, and The Klassics. They played various music, from well-known classical to oldies and Christmas music.

Performance by The Breeze

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These musicians have committed to pledge their performances with a dedicated campaign on giving.sg. 

With the vibrant atmosphere hinting at an early Christmas, people wanted to give back to the community by buying booth products. 

The booths were all laid out, surrounding the audience. There was something for everyone from different age groups; the little ones enjoyed adorable cake pops to munch on, while the adults could indulge in tasty snacks or get their hands on custom-made wood décor! It was a great mix of Food & Beverage, Craft and Beauty booths.

The Cheep Cheeps exploring Tiny Green One's booth

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To top it off, our friends from Pause For A Cause came by in their Superhero costumes. Parents and children alike had pictures taken with their favourite Marvel heroes. Check out Green Lantern and Scarlet Witch here!  

Guests taking a fun shot with cosplayers from Pause For A Cause

So many joyous voices and delighted faces exchanged smiles in the venue, bringing like-minded hearts together.

Booth by SoapCeuticals

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We had many heartfelt conversations about how we were working in our communities, trying to provide warmth and hope. These conversations gave us an understanding of the importance of community and the difference we can and have made. 

While hopeful, it reminded us of our responsibility to the community and the work that the YWCA of Singapore can still do. There are still varied and novel ways of engaging and empowering the community!


The Coming Together of Women Entrepreneurs Excites Us

Bakery Brera

Bakery Brera’s booth

Speaking of booths, who could miss the community’s favourite, Bakery Brera by Thrina? While her bakery sold exquisite artisanal pastries like Christollens, Penettones, and Sugee Cakes, what drew people in was her heart for serving the community by championing community projects, persons with mental health needs and mission work.


Maia Made

Maia with her family and friends

Did you catch Maia from Maiamade.sg? Tini runs the social media account with her daughter, Maia, who has Down Syndrome. Maia became obsessed with beading after her cataract operation in 2017, and Tini hoped to showcase how talented kids with special needs could be! What beautiful beads from an outstanding girl!

We hope you had the chance to check out craft booths like Crochet with Love and Hello Jayne; these women entrepreneurs inspired us, too!


Crochet with Love

Crochet with Love’s booth 

A group of full-time moms of children with special needs started Crochet with Love. They found friendship through crocheting and shared challenges. To embrace inclusiveness in Singapore, they showcased and sold crochet animals and flowers that they and their little ones lovingly made. How inspiring!


Hello Jayne

Jayne from Hello Jayne showcasing her designs

Jayne has a heart for community, which she expresses through her creative talents in captivating infographics and imaginative illustrations. It is no wonder she hopes to “bring a little joy and provide support to the community” with her participation here.

Such is the atmosphere at our charity festival, YWCA HeART Beats, where like-minded women entrepreneurs and small businesses came together to inspire hope through their work whilst raising funds for a good cause.


Awesome Women Series

Priscilla and Shawn Tan of Awesome Women Series

Priscilla and Shawn Tan, founders of the Awesome Women Series, wanted to help parents and educators raise smart, confident, and resilient girls through interactive games and inspirational stories about female role models.

The power couple energised us with their innovative ideas and approach to women’s empowerment. Their series of books on women leaders affirms our work at YWCA. Awesome Women Unite!


Distilled Word

Over on Level 3, where workshops were held, Adeline Ang, founder of Distilled Word, shared her passion for calligraphy with her participants.

Participants enjoying their calligraphy class

“Distilled Word was incepted amidst the pandemic back in 2020, and calligraphy was what kept me going then and while abroad, missing home. Calligraphy illuminated hope for me when I was focused on writing each stroke and word, “she said.

Participants enjoying their calligraphy class

For Adeline, there was no better way to give back to the community than to share the same hope she felt through a calligraphy workshop at YWCA HeART Beats!


Looking Towards the Future

YWCA HeART Beats isn’t just a charity festival; it’s a promise for the future. It’s a commitment to continue the legacy of the YWCA of Singapore, which spans 148 years. This legacy is not just a chapter in history; it’s a living, breathing testament to our dedication to empowering women, uplifting at-risk children and youths, and supporting needy families. We will continue to answer this call to serve the community through our programmes. 

This inaugural festival marked the prelude to a series of upcoming activities designed to enrich the lives of our community. Anticipate announcements in the coming months as we unveil innovative programs, collaboration opportunities, and activities that beckon you to volunteer and advocate for our beneficiaries.

Singers from The Breeze

You Can Still Participate in our Charity Festival!

While the event has concluded, our fundraising is still ongoing. Donate generously to support YWCA’s programmes for mums and children. Every dollar raised will be matched one-for-one by the Tote Board.

View our Giving.sg page here. Hurry! Our donation campaign closes by the end of February 2024.


A Big Thank You!

To our invaluable partners, dedicated staff, and selfless volunteers, your contributions are the notes that have composed the symphony of the YWCA for 148 remarkable years. We extend our deepest gratitude to each of you. Your unwavering support has fueled our mission, allowing us to make a lasting impact on the lives we touch.

Mrs Kueh’s booth


Check Out Our Wonderful Partners

Art Partner – Studio Haroobee
Venue Sponsor – YWCA Fort Canning
Grant Partner – Tote Board
Superhero Partner – Pause For A Cause

Performance Partners

  • YWCA Preschool @ Ang Mo Kio
  • YWCA Preschool @ Outram
  • YWCA Preschool @ Marine Drive
  • YWCA Preschool @ Pasir Ris
  • YWCA Preschool @ Bedok
  • YWCA Preschool @ McNair
  • YWCA Preschool @ West Coast
  • YWCA Preschool @ Bishan
  • YWCA Preschool @ Bukit Gombak
  • Zhou Ningze
  • Zhou Linxi
  • Chen Jiayi
  • The Breeze
  • Fisherman Music School
  • Isaiah Kum
  • Heidi Ng
  • Audrey Foo
  • Yang Yizhou
  • Handbells Ensemble by International Baptist Church
  • Candice Zhang
  • Riverie Lau
  • XinTong
  • Brynice Liw
  • Brilyn Liw
  • The Klassics


Workshop Partners

  • Awesome Women Series
  • Soul Purpose
  • The Gingerbread Pan
  • School of Concepts
  • Distilled Word


Booth Partners

Food & Beverage

  • Bakery Brera
  • Mrs Kueh
  • Chateaux
  • Café Lodge by YWCA Fort Canning
  • Tree Owls
  • Mei Tang Soup
  • Amboi Trading
  • Hodunamu


  • Tiny Green Ones
  • Crochet with Love
  • hapiPomPom
  • lil2leaves
  • Mitoboru.club
  • The Cheep Cheeps
  • hello jayne
  • Boutiquet Lah
  • Maiamade.sg

Beauty & Others

  • Dashing Diva
  • J-rophe Skin Care
  • SoapCeuticals
  • ABRY
  • Gillian’s Treasure Hunt
  • Rachel’s Upcycle
  • Ms Tan’s

For more quotes and stories from our partners, check out our Instagram page!

A Call To Collaborate

As we stand on the precipice of a new chapter, we extend an invitation to all who carry the torch of service in their hearts. Join us as collaborators in this ongoing symphony of love, where each note represents a commitment to compassion, empowerment, and positive change. 

Reach out to us via email here!

All net proceeds from YWCA HeART Beats – A Music and Arts Charity Festival will go towards supporting the following causes:


Sustenance for Families

Empowering Mums

Empowering Young Women

English Club

Kids’ Weekday Care

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