Present - Sustenance
Hungry No More – Sustenance for Families
Launched in 2010, the Sustenance for Families Programme aims to provide assistance to low-income families who struggle to make. . .
Present - MOW
Hungry No More – Meals-on-Wheels
The Meals-on-Wheels for Elderly programme began in 1997, catering to the needs of frail, needy and/or homebound elderly.
Present - KWC
YWCA Kids’ Weekday Care
With the success of the YWCA’s Meals-on-Wheels (Children) programme, we recognized that the children under our programme could. . .
Present - WOW
Workz-on-Wheels (WoW)
The YWCA has always been a nexus for children and youths to come together to learn valuable life skills, through our constant. . .
Present - Youth Centre
YWCA Youth Centre
The YWCA Youth Centre was started in March 2013 as a place for youths to come together and engage in meaningful activities.
Present - YWCA House
YWCA House
Through interaction with various girls’ homes, the YWCA realized that there is a displaced group of girls in society who have. . .