Having lasted 140 years and growing from strength to strength each year, the YWCA of Singapore is here to stay and God willing, will be here for the next 140 years and beyond. The future will be determined by the continuing challenges of a changing society but it is clear that YWCA will continue to focus on women and children as she was set up to focus back in 1875. How and what programmes will be developed over the coming years and the direction in the future will depend on the volunteers, specifically the Board of Management and the senior staff in all sectors of the Association.
Mrs Leung Yee Ping
Insights from Mrs Leung Yee Ping
The current Executive Director, Mrs Leung Yee Ping shared some of her ideas for the focus of YWCA in the future.
Ms Tan Kee Leng
Insights from Ms Tan Kee Leng
The Immediate Past President, Ms Tan Kee Leng shared her ideas for the future focus of YWCA.
Board 2015-2016
Wishes from YWCA Members
Current and past YWCA board members send their wishes for the Y in the next few years and beyond.