Tan Kee Leng, PBM, President (2014-2016)
ms tan foreword

Having been founded in 1875, the YWCA of Singapore is the oldest women’s organisation in Singapore. This year, in 2015, YWCA celebrated 140 years of service to the community and as a membership organisation. This book has been prepared to tell the story of YWCA in words and pictures, of her history of 140 years, and of the women who had the passion and commitment to continue the mission of the YWCA throughout the decades. This book is to put on record the achievements and work that YWCA has done, and continues to do for the community in Singapore and the women who have led YWCA through the 140 years. This book is also an acknowledgement and recognition of the selfless service, dedication and commitment by the women in the past and in the present who have contributed their time and talents to YWCA. Women who were led by their Christian faith to serve the community and one another subscribing to YWCA’s motto “By love serve one another”. It hopes to inspire future leaders to meet the challenges ahead, building on the work already been accomplished by the earlier generation. With a rich and long history, it was an enormous task to present the story of YWCA, considering that the records are not complete or available. The reason behind choosing to present the story in a digital format is so that the YWCA Story can be updated in the years to come and additional photographs and information which may have been omitted in the first edition can be included. The YWCA Story is indeed a story in progress…