YWCA Website Revamp

The official YWCA website will be re-launched to reflect a new look on top of dedicated sub-sites for the Fort Canning Lodge (http://ywca.org.sg/fcl/) and Childcare Development Centers (http://ywca.org.sg/cdc) respectively. Visitors will be able to access the sites separately for a more comprehensive browsing experience.

After much consideration, we have decided to re-launch the website in separate stages over a period of time.  The reason behind this decision is that we believe it will be better for users to acclimatize to a new website bit by bit instead of just overwhelming them with a completely changed eco-system from the start.

Some of the features which we will slowly incorporate overtime as part of the revamp include an event calendar with listings of all events across the association, plus a new ‘Jobs’ page to cater to employment opportunities.  Additionally, we also hope to add inquiry and contact forms to make it easier for volunteers and members of the public to contact us. Do stay tuned for more updates coming your way.

In the mean time we’ve prepared a snapshot below to give you a teaser of what the new site will look like.