Workz-on-Wheels Mentoring & Activities

Launched in 2012, the Workz-on-Wheels programme aims to impart life skills to at-risk children and youth staying at various children’s and girls’ homes in Singapore while giving an opportunity for them to unleash their creative abilities.

We specialise in providing tailored workshops for the needs of the respective home or school group beneficiaries that instill good and practical skills that can be useful later in life. These range in topics from Emotional Health, Self Care, to Culinary and Baking workshops and aim to impart knowledge and hone abilities through a series of enjoyable and structured sessions.

As we have expanded this project to more homes, we require a pool of regular and committed volunteers who have the passion to teach:

1) Children between 5 years old – 12 years old, and;
2) Youths between 13 – 18 years old

Requirements For This Volunteering Opportunity:

This is an ongoing Community Outreach project which requires volunteers at least 16 years old and above to commit once a month.

Roles Description Schedule
Mentors (Preferably aged 25 and above) Provide a positive role model to engage and interact with beneficiaries. On a monthly basis, for at least 3-6 months
Befrienders Should be patient individuals with the passion to engage and interact with children/youths.
Befrienders are also role models for the children/youths, hence they have to be lovingly firm when the children/youths misbehave.
One also would have to take the initiative to understanding the workshop so as to impart the skills to the children.
Four hours on Friday afternoon;

Three hours on Friday evenings/nights;

Four hours on Saturday weekends

Facilitators Individuals with good leadership qualities and is able to be firm with the children/youths. Friday afternoons, Friday evenings/nights and/or  Saturday mornings.

To plan the curriculum and execute activities within the workshop format with the assistance of YWCA staff and/or volunteers.

Support Provided

YWCA will:

  • Be the liaison between the Homes and the facilitators and volunteers
  • Meet all administrative and logistic needs
  • Conduct an orientation and relevant training to ensure a safe and enriching volunteering experience
  • Assign a YWCA staff-in-attendance

Please call 6223 1227 for enquiries or commit your support by filling up our  YWCA Volunteer Application Form and indemnity form  before sending it to Ms Kee today!