Kids’ Club

DSC09423The YWCA Kids’ Club is a free enrichment programme of workshops and outings set up to offer a more holistic approach to Meals-on-Wheels for Children beneficiaries. It aims to provide social, emotional, moral and academic support to disadvantaged children aged between five to 12 years to develop their character and self-worth and discover their unique talents and potential.

The Kids’ Club relies heavily on volunteers for meaningful interaction and impact on these individual children. Programmes run every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 10am to 1pm at the YWCA Outram. Special programmes are also organised every long school holiday or whenever sponsorship is available.

Roles Description Schedule
Befriender Befriend the children at activities and outings Every 2nd and 4th Saturday morning
Tutor Tutor and mentor the children academically Wednesday afternoons till early evening
Facilitator Organise and run workshops and outings Every 2nd and 4th Saturday morning, and on weekdays during the March, June, September and year-end school holidays

Please call 6223 1227 for enquiries or commit your support by filling up our  YWCA Volunteer Application Form and sending it to Ms Kee today!

If you are not able to contribute your time towards our community services, the YWCA invites you to consider making a donation to this programme so we can do more for these deserving kids.