Zoo Excursion

On Saturday, 21 June 2008, it was indeed a colourful sight in the early morning at the Singapore Zoological Gardens as a large contingent of colours gathered with their multi-coloured signage. There were also the dappled prints of the Moo Moo cow spotted from among the crowd, whereby the Managing Director of Unilever dressed as Ben & Jerry’s mascot.

About 90 persons participated in this fun zoo outing which was fully sponsored by the kind souls of Unilever. There was a guided tour around the zoo, an elephant show, and a hearty lunch at KFC to end the event on a sweet note. It was indeed a wonderful sight seeing the families of the beneficiaries of the Meals-on-Wheels for Children programme bonding at the outing and having fun together even as they momentarily put aside the daily grind of their otherwise troubled lives in exchange for an unforgettable day of fun. The riot of sounds made up of infectious laughter and the chattering of the children enjoying themselves, coupled with the grateful expressions on their parents’ faces made all the preparations for the outing worthwhile.

Just as wonderful were the looks of joy and satisfaction on the faces of the volunteers from Unilever as many of them did not have any volunteering experience prior to this. All these were made possible because of the kind sponsorship of Unilever. We are indeed touched by their generousity and enthusiasm.