Korean Visitors to YWCA Outram Centre

Mr Yi Hyeon Su of T&M has two daughters who studied in the Nursery / Kindergarten between 1996 and 1999. Hence, upon the request of a tour group of 40 teachers and 24 Directors of Education from the Kyung Nam Province of Korea, Mr Yi arranged for them to visit the YWCA Outram Centre on 9 June 2008.

The visitors were pleased to meet up with the principal, Mrs Lucy Png, who played host to them. They were given a briefing on the YWCA’s programmes and received a tour around the Centre. The visitors were also treated to tea comprising of local delicacies. In addition, each visitor also received an information kit containing information on the YWCA’s activities. Everyone left happy and impressed by the work of the YWCA.

Mrs Shin Kyung Ja of Kyung Nam Province National Childcare Centre Union presented a gift – a box of ancient Korean masks to the Nursery / Kindergarten and had also kindly made a donation of S$150 to YWCA.