Kids’ Club One-Year Anniversary

Kids’ Club turns one year this month! The session on 29 March 2008 marked a memorable day for staff, volunteers and children of Kids’ Club. From strangers of yesterdays, we have become one big family now where everyone plays an important role in Club. As Kids’ Club embarks on another great year, we hope that the volunteers will forge stronger friendships with one another and the children; and the children will grow up to become responsible and caring individuals!

Reflections from our Volunteers…..

“Volunteering with Kids’ Club has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into serving others. Learning what it is to put the needs of the children first has resulted in an unexpected sense of purpose and joy. Though knowing how best to relate to the kids has not always been easy, it has been a remarkably enriching experience at the same time”. – Liz

“It has been an enriching and eye-opening experience for me throughout the past year with Kids’ Club. I have gained a new perspective on working with and mentoring children. At the same time, it allowed me to learn invaluable life skills which I will cherish my entire life” – Yong Jian

“I realised that volunteering is not that difficult a thing to do. All it takes is a little effort and you can make a difference to the children. The smiles on the children’s faces reassure me that all the time and effort spent was worthwhile. I certainly cherish the bond which I have established with the children and other volunteers”. – Wallace

“It is a joy to nurture the young ones and see their tender lives touched and transformed as I grow with them. Not only does it adds meaning and value to life, volunteering with Kids’ Club also makes us younger – that’s the secret to youthful-looking Kids’ Clubbers”. – Christine

“It has been an incredibly amazing and meaningful experience to volunteer with Kids’ Club. Being a part of these children’s lvies has been extremely memorable. It has propelled me in wanting to touch more lives and to be a source of support towards them” – Rosemary

“Volunteering with Kids’ Club has been very enriching and fulfilling, knowing that every effort is helping the kids in some way. I’ve learnt a lot from the kids; and how they’re always happy despite their circumstances. It has been very fun too. It’s a real joy to be with the kids” – Sarah