Joint Training Workshop with YWMA

Friday, 20 June 2008, was a training day for all our childcare and kindergarten teachers. 141 participans took part in this joint training session between the YWCA and the Young Women Muslim Association (YWMA), of which 93 participants were from the YWCA and 48 from YWMA. YWMA was the organiser for this full day workshop which was held at the Centre.

This collaboration with YWMA was made possible by LIEN Foundation who has been providing financial support to the two organisations through the funding of training workshops for the teachers. The first joint training workshop with YWMA was held on 7 December 2007 where the Y SPA workshop was held at Fort Canning Lodge. This workshop was organised by our Educational Psychologist, learning support coordinator and teachers from the Educational Support Unit (ESU). Since the beginning of our collaboration with YWMA, our teachers have been working closely with the teachers from YWMA by visiting each other’s centres and organising joint activities which benefitted both the children and teachers.

The SISTERS ACT and SISTERS CARE workshops that YWMA organised provided the teachers with two different sets of learning experience. The SISTERS ACT workshop had two speakers facilitating topics such as how to maximise students’ learning potential, impacting with the right values and how to communicate for success. The SISTERS CARE workshop on the other hand was a caring and relaxing experience where the teachers were pampered with a foot reflexology session, henna painting session, nail art session and even a delicious treat of chocolate fondue. The teachers enjoyed these workshops tremendously!

At the end of the day-long event, the teachers not only went home with a relaxing and wonderful feeling after all that pampering, but they also gained an insight on many important topics that will help them develop effective and appropriate teaching and learning techniques. Adopting the right styles in the classroom wll definitely enable the child to perform better and increase his / her learning potential.