Camp Watch me Shine!

Camp Watch me Shine! is a day camp for the children from Kids’ Club and Meals-on-Wheels for Children programme which aspires to unleash the performing spirit and the hidden talents of the young ones. The camp was a collaborative effort with a group of students from Nanyang Girls’ High School and was held at the school compound. Besides games such as Mass Crowdies and Amazing Race which promotes friendship building and bonding among the children, the Mini-Performance was the highlight of the camp. Every child is special and has his/her own unique talents and strengths. We incorporated the interests of the children such as acting, dancing and singing together with their favorite cartoon characters. With the help of the student volunteers, both groups coincidentally came up with the idea of staging a super-hero skit featuring some of their favorite cartoon characters such as the Power Rangers and Power Puff Girls. One of the groups also incorporated a song and dance segment with the Hi-5 song ‘L.O.V.E’. The wild imagination of the children and volunteers added many humorous and fun elements to the performance. Everyone had an enjoyable time role-playing and entertaining one another.