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Aqua Spin

Aqua Spin

For a workout without joint and muscle stress, that burns up to three times more calories than you would with land-based exercises, that has possibly more benefits than possibly any land or water exercise, Aqua Spin is the answer. It is for all – from high-level athletes, elderly, expectant mothers, the injured, the disabled to those fighting diabetes and obesity. You will not only improve your cardio fitness and muscle strength, but will also rip the benefits of improved blood circulation, reduced risk of varicose veins and water retention, effective cellulite breakdown and body-toning. Look no further and start Spinning with us!

Aqua Aerobics

Water workouts incorporated with variety of rhythmic body movements and dance steps performed in water. This activity helps to improve cardiovascular and conditioning. Guided by an experienced instructor, you will enjoy these sessions that provide fitness and fun. In addition, it is an effective weight-control exercise for everyone at all ages, good for every fitness level – swimmers and non-swimmers too!