For donations in-kind, here is the wishlist from our beneficiaries and the YWCA.

Due to space constraints, we are not able to keep certain items found below on the wishlist at our office premise. As such, we would greatly appreciate it if you could call us in advance so that we could advice you on the delivery process directly to the beneficiaries.

Please contact Irene at 6223 1227 or email if you would like to fulfill any of the wishlist items here. We thank you in advance for your generous contributions!

NeedsCategoryRequested by
Super Single MattressIn-kindDeveloping teen from low-income family recently underwent kidney operation to regulate his urinal function. Prior to this he had severe bedwetting issues and his family could not keep affording to change his mattress. Now he is healed but still has to sleep on a urine-stained mattress. Family is seeking a kind donation of a new super single mattress for him to regain his dignity and sleep now that he can function normally
House Wall PaintIn-kindLow-income family requesting for leftover house paint so they can paint their rental flat for Christmas. The last time the walls were painted was about 7 years ago.
Volunteer to teach how to make halal Japanese cuisineSkills SharingEM2 graduate single mother on assistance: she and her child have some long-term health issues and she is looking to start a home business with this skill eventually to support them
$300 for First Aid courseSponsorshipEM2 graduate mother on assistance: she is a Malaysian who has not been granted visa where she can work so she needs sponsorship for a required First Aid course to apply to work as an industrial nurse to support her young family
NTUC vouchers In-kind (ongoing)Old man with no family support, has multiple health issues. He had his wallet stolen twice and requires continuous support through these vouchers to purchase monthly groceries
Rations for Needy Families In-kindYWCA Sustenance for Families Programme: providing dry rations to needy families island-wide. For the specific details of the items required click here.
VanVehicleYWCA Meals-on-Wheels: for delivery
OvenIn-kindLow income family hoping to be blessed with an oven to bake cookies and earn additional income.
Web designer/developerServicesYWCA Fort Canning Lodge to assist in building a new individual website
5 Induction Cookers In-kindTo conduct cooking workshops for children and other beneficiaries.
5 Weighing ScalesIn-kindTo conduct cooking/baking workshops for children and other beneficiaries.
10 Plastic Mixing BowlsIn-kindTo conduct baking workshops for children and other beneficiaries.
10 Baking TraysIn-kindTo conduct baking workshops for children and other beneficiaries.