The YWCA of Singapore is a registered Charity and an Institution of Public Character (“IPC”). The YWCA is affiliated to the National Social Service Central Fund (Charity Registration No. 00103), but it is not a member of the Community Chest and hence does not receive funding from it.

The YWCA’s purpose is to meet the needs of our society through its active involvement in community and welfare services. As the YWCA is a non-profit organisation, we rely on the generous support of the public to continually improve and expand the community services that are made available to all, regardless of race, gender or religion. The public’s support will also enable us to maintain and improve all our Community Services and to carry out our Fundraising events.

As Community Services is an ongoing effort, the YWCA needs continual support from the community. Hence, the YWCA is grateful for the generosity of all YWCA members and members of the public who have contributed through your corporate and individual donations, fundraising efforts and purchases of our fundraising items at our Shop.


The YWCA needs your generous support! We welcome donations in cash or in-kind.

We have also put up a Wishlist from our beneficiaries and us which you can help fulfill.


Organising Fundraising events is an integral part of our Fundraising efforts. The various events which we have organised before are Flag Day, Food and Fun Fair, Christmas Fair, Muzikalthon and Annual Appeals.

Check our website regularly to be updated of any upcoming Fundraising events and learn how you can partner with us through volunteering or donations.