TGIF Campaign

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The TGIF Thank God I’m Female! Campaign is a public education effort organised by the YWCA in the month of July to raise public awareness of the prevalent issues faced by young women between 13 – 35 years old through information and resources. Some of these issues include relationships, mental health, conflict management and body changes.

The Campaign also aims to help young women overcome the demands of life’s challenges by equipping them with essential life skills and knowledge and also promoting their safety and physical well-being.

Two by-products of the Campaign are:

Chic, a limited edition notebook publication for young women between 13 – 18 years old, which contains educational facts and information relevant to young women

YWCA Safety Alert, an iPhone App, which is designed to enhance the safety of young women at any time and anywhere. The App is now available in the Apple App Store for free! Download it now!