English Club

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YWCA Empowering Mums:  English Club, in collaboration with Wilson Global Initiative

In our work to support low-income mothers in Singapore through the Empowering Mums project, the YWCA has identified the need to help the growing population of foreign mothers who may be further cut off from resources and support due to language barriers. Such mothers have difficulty navigating the various systems for their families and children due to the inability to communicate, and it can further have an isolating effect on them, leaving the mothers vulnerable and cut off socially.

By equipping them with basic English skills, these needy mothers can be empowered to connect with others in a multiracial environment and take up opportunities that would not be afforded to them otherwise. Simple daily essential interactions from buying groceries to taking public transport would now become manageable, serving to boost the mothers’ own esteem and efficacy.

To empower them to reach such a level of functioning, the YWCA, in collaboration with international non-profit organisation Wilson Global Initiative (WGI), will pilot an 8-week fortnightly series of conversational English lessons running for an hour each and covering topics related to everyday tasks for direct practical application. The WGI curriculum will be specially adapted to the Singaporean context and focuses on vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency to improve English literacy. Mothers who undergo the course will learn five vocabulary words and three sentences per session and engage in discussion based on the topic of the week with assigned volunteers on a one-on-one basis. These bite-sized English practices will ensure maximum mastery and retention.

The Empowering Mums: English Club has completed its pilot run from 25 March to 1 July 2017 and is currently accepting applications on a referral basis from its partnering agencies for a second run tentatively held next March 2018:

Time – 9 to 10am tentatively

Venue – YWCA National Office, 254 Outram Road S169051

Please contact Ms Ling for more information on the project.