Community Services

YWCA’s Community Services and Programmes

1) Hungry No More: Sustenance for Families – Distributes dry rations to needy families every month

2) Hungry No More: Meals-on-Wheels for Elderly and Children – Distributes free nutritious lunches and dinners for elderly and children respectively from low-income families every weekday.

3) Kids’ Weekday Care – A thrice-weekly afterschool care focusing on the overall development of children from low-income families through a broad range of activities such as tutoring, enrichment, soft skills and life skills workshops, outings and group work.

4) Empowering Mums – A series of transformative workshops dedicated to helping back-to-work mothers from low-income families gain the skills, support and confidence they need to be successfully employed.

5) Bursary Scheme – Awards bursaries to Meals-On-Wheels for Children programme beneficiaries to motivate them to improve their studies and affirm their talent in other areas like sports and arts.

6) Financial Assistance Programme – Subsidises school fees for children attending our Child Development Centres who are unable to afford the full fees.

7) “Yes U Can…Be Included!” – Integration and early intervention programme for preschool children with mild special needs, providing them with mainstream preschool education in a regular childcare environment, with the purpose of integrating them into normal schools.

8) Workz-On-Wheels (WOW) – Impacts craft and life skills to build the confidence and self-esteem of children and youths, aged between five to 16, who live in various children’s and girl’s homes.

9) YWCA Safety Alert – A first-of-its-kind free mobile phone App developed by the YWCA as part of its public education effort to promote the safety and well-being of women in Singapore.

10) Youth Centre – A “home away from home” sanctuary for youths between 13 to 18 years old, living within the vicinity of Outram, to hang out, make new friends and acquire handy skills.

11) YWCA House – A hostel catering for girls between 18 -25 years old who do not have a conducive home environment to return to after leaving children’s or girls’ homes. This hostel will serve as a platform to practise independence before they step out into the society.