We are proud to showcase a sample of letters from parents as testament of the quality service provided by our Child Development Centres and Kindergarten .

Testimonial 1
Dear Principal (Mdm Ho), teachers and staff of YWCA Pasir Ris

I’m writing in to thank all of you  – Mdm Ho, teacher Dino, Mdm Pang, Mdm Yanti, Mdm Goh, Mrs Joseph, Ms Jessie, other staff and teachers who I do not know their names, as well as aunty who cooks nice and delicious food. I thank all of you and the centre for all the care, love and attention you have showered on my dear son, Jourdon Chew.

From 2006, a tearing little boy, you all assist me and my wife in  taking good care of him, teaching him and also the guidance all of us have given to him. Now he has grown up to become a little mature young boy. Thanks for all the dedicated teaching from his teachers.

Time really flies,it’s time for my son to leave YWCA and proceed to the next level, which is his primary education. If YWCA can start a student care as well, it will be very good as my son Jourdon will be very happy to continue to stay with the YWCA.

Once again, my wife and I thank all staff from YWCA Pasir Ris for everything that you have done for my son.

All the best and best wishes.

Parents of Jourdon Chew Yu Xian
Mr & Mrs Chew ST

Testimonial 2
Testimony from Ben & Shan – Parents of Joshua Kong

“Good morning, Darling!” ……..That’s what Joshua would say to his principal, Mrs Lucy Lim of YWCA – McNair whenever he reaches the centre.

How time flies. I remembered when Joshua first attended YWCA, he cried practically everyday. We had to coax, beg and even drag him to school. He was shy, emotional, lacked confidence and refused to mix around. Worst of all, he suffers from seperation-anxiety and would wail his lungs out each time when we were about to leave.

Fortunately, the teachers, together with his “Darling” – Mrs Lucy Lim, and one of his previous Chinese Teacher who has since returned to China, were very patient and supportive. They always came to our rescue and handled him by giving him constant reassurance to build up his confidence and help him cope during that difficult period of adjustment.

When Joshua became more familiar with the life/environment at the YWCA, he became more independent, sociable and confident.  We were also amazed at how he has also learned to be more responsible. He could even look after his little brother! Joshua would hold on tightly to his brother’s hand to prevent him from running across the road. He also ensured the gate to the kitchen is always closed so that “di-di” would not go into the kitchen to play with the knobs on the stove,etc. We credit these remarkable improvements to all the teachers and Mrs Lucy Lim of YWCA – McNair.

In addition, judging from the way he adress his principal and the attachment he has to the YWCA, we know how much love he has received……………….

Thank you for everything, YWCA-McNair!!

MAY GOD Bless you abundantly.

Testimonial 3
To the Principal and staff of YWCA Jurong East

I am writing in thank your staff and you for the care that the centre has showered upon my children in the last six years.

My sons, Shao Kai and Shao Rong have not been easy to deal with. From tearing babies, the school has nurtured them to be little matured and independent toddlers and young boys.

I am an advocate of “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. YWCA’s strategy of balancing both academic and non-academic (art, Chinese painting, dancing, etc) curriculum strengthen my children knowledge base and confidence.

The annual school performances at Chervon are eye-opening events. Not only has my sons matured into confident and happy boys, they have exhibited other talents that I did not realise. Performing and speaking confidently to a large crowd are positive skills-that has been acquired. these programmes are some things that most other main-stream schools do not offer.

Chua Piang Sze (Mrs Choo)

Testimonial 4

Dear Madam Ho,

A special ‘thank you’ for all that Young Women’s Christian Association Childcare Center Pasir Ris gives throughout the year.

For all you have been and for all you have done and we could never thank you enough.

The words ‘thank you’ seem inadequate for you who contributed so much to molding Bing An’s character and shaping his future, because you believed in him and encouraged him and made sure he believed in himself and you have given him a gift that will last a lifetime and we cannot thank you enough.

You are ever-caring and loving and really understanding too, there with love when things go either really bad or good for him, even when he would not clean or just say ‘please’ or wash up and you were there with guidance and love and during trying times like these, you will always clap and when he has given it his all and even when he was quite little and you made him feel ten-feet tall.

Thank you for being there for him.

Yours sincerely,
Kee Kok and Sue Lynn and Bing An

Testimonial 5

Attention:  Marine Parade Drive YWCA CDC Principal and YWCA Director

Dear Margaret,

I wish to thank you for the immense effort that you’ve put in for the K2 graduation concert last Friday 2nd of November.  You have done a great job, and it was really awesome to see our kids perform like that.

As you know I’m a single dad who moved here 4 years ago.  Destiny has been with YWCA for the past 4 years.  My journey so far has been great, and although I can afford to put her in any other school I choose to keep her in YWCA.  You’ve been the best teachers and school that anyone can ask for.

Margaret, you and your team are excellent teachers and from the bottom of my heart a big THANK YOU to your continued effort and commitment towards our children.

The world certainly needs more teachers like YOU!

Thank You!

Kind Regards

Casper Nel
Implementation Director

Testimonial 6

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Good day to you and I am taking this opportunity on teacher’s day/week to thank the teachers and principal of Marine Drive CDC.

I am a parent of a K1 boy studying at Marine Drive CDC. My boy has been there since the end of Nursery 2. I have an older boy who had attended a few pre-schools which is why I felt prompted to write this to commend and praise those who really deserve it.

I would like to specially thank both the Chinese teacher, Mdm Tay (Zeng老师), and English teacher, Teacher Phang, of the K1 class.

Mdm Tay is a loving teacher. My son has improved tremendously – from “Don’t speak to me in Chinese” to “I like to read Chinese books.” Most importantly, he loves to go to school and also attending Mdm Tay’s classes. I must say that the standard of the school’s Chinese classes is good and there is strong emphasis placed on the basic fundamentals for instance the strokes.

I applaud her for that because I did made comparisons with how some others have done it. How difficult it is to make a child assimilate what was taught in class and to capture their attention … that is easier said than done … but she has done a good job with my child as far as I am concerned.

Perhaps the syllabus is the same for all pre-schools but to be able to capture a child’s attention requires putting in extra effort, extra care and going that extra mile which Mdm Tay has done. She is a dedicated teacher and I definitely feel that her stay at the school will definitely benefit all parents who send their kids there. Not forgetting other teachers like Teacher Phang, who is loving, caring and speaks well; as well as the Principal, Mrs Lee, who has done a good job in upholding the school’s honour.

I have been to many childcare centres and even paid skyhigh prices for the premium childcare services provided by the so called “branded” childcare centres for my older child only to be disappointed and dismayed by their lack of consistencies and  their ‘unending’ change of teachers throughout the years … and their teaching methods … all in the name of “play”…

I guess the recent debate on the quality of childcare teachers has prompted me to voice my concerns for the future of childcare education in Singapore. I hope that any new introduction of rules and regulations to the childcare industry will not undermine the good works that the Principals and teachers of the good childcare centres have been doing. I believe a lot of effort has been put in by the Managements and the Principals to uphold the standards of the schools. To me, this is Quality.

We are talking about children here. A highly qualified teacher may not have the heart and the patience to teach young children and to oversee these kids while their parents are at work. While the paper qualifications and results of teachers are important, the intangibles are just as important, if not more.

We parents can see for ourselves how our children grow and improve under their care and this is the best judge for the teachers and schools. While the teachers’ qualifications are important they are not the only means for selecting a childcare teacher. I hope that the school will continue to prosper as a good and commendable childcare centre in Singapore.

Thank you and have a wonderful Teacher’s and Principal’s day!

Mdm Ang