Making Heritage

Making Heritage – A Part of Children Development

THE PRE-SCHOOLER’S HERITAGE PROGRAMME – Jurong East CDC was invited to the Asian Civilisations Museum which was highly subsidized by Asian Civilisations Museum and presented by ACT 3.

The children had fun during this educational and interactive programme as they learnt to appreciate and understand their heritage. The interactive programme engaged the children and it was the starting point of their learning journey on what heritage means.

The programme consisted of three parts

Part 1

  • The teachers were guided by a heritage education facilitator on prop making and to teach the children related rhymes in Malay, Mandarin and English.

Part 2

  • There was a 45 minute long interactive performance at the Asian Civilisations Museum based on three classic Singapore tales:
  1. The snake in the banyan tree – How the “kompang” was born.
  2. Hot springs in Sembawang – It was once a pineapple plantation! People in Singapore were still enjoying a good relaxing soak.
  3. Badang the Magnificent – A stone was flung that landed at the mouth of the Singapore river. These interactive stories taught the children the value of valor, friendship, community spirit, and belief in one’s own self.
    childcare-heritage3            childcare-heritage4

Part 3

  • We had an introduction and tour of the museum. The tour leader explained to the children about their heritage.
    childcare-heritage5            childcare-heritage6

From this visit to the museum,

  • Children learnt what a museum is: There are many interesting things to see and do.
  • They learnt to not talk loudly but instead use their eyes and ears to look around and listen to the museum guide as she told them stories about the exhibits.
  • Children used their imagination to imagine how people of long ago lived and behaved.
  • The invitation to these experiences have proven to be a useful starting point in stimulating further interest in our children on our local Culture and Heritage.