Be Empowered! Career Fair on Saturday, 1 August

career fair flyerEarlier, we posted on our newest charity initiative, the Empowering Mums project, launched on 12 June. We are now pleased to announce that the we have reached the end of the project and are marking it by organising our first ever Be Empowered! Career Fair, which is a segment of the Empowering Mums project. This fair is targeting the low-income pool of jobseekers and we are looking for footfall of 200-300 participants of any race, gender and qualification at the event.

The Be Empowered! Career Fair features our 25 Employment Partners from various sectors such as Beauty, F&B, Hospitality, Crafts and many others who will be featuring a range of flexible and permanent job opportunities. Our partners are committed to hiring from the low-income pool of jobseekers and willing to journey with them as they lift themselves from financial difficulties. Furthermore, they will be participating in a special Poverty Simulation Exercise to help them gain better understanding of the reality of what low-income jobseekers from multi-stressed families face and become more empathetic employers. We hope these will help both the employers and employees find more success in the working relationship and to foster better ties through this platform.

The Be Empowered! Career Fair will run this Saturday, 1 August from 1-5pm at the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge. YWCA will charter buses for Family Service Centres that can confirm attendance of 18 participants or more for one-way transport from the centre to our Lodge.

More details on this special career fair and the Empowering Mums project can be found here and for enquiries, please contact Ms Ling Goh at 6223 1227 or by email!


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