Vision & Mission


The YWCA is a united movement of women based on Christian faith and love with the purpose of bringing women into a community fellowship through which they may grow as Christians by faith, word and deed.


The mission of the Association is to serve the Community regardless of race, belief or religion, with love and compassion and provide quality programmes, facilities and services to:

  1. advance the development of women and girls in body, mind and spirit
  2. benefit the Community

The Association may work with other organisations and agencies to fulfill her mission.


a) Service

To willingly give of oneself and one’s knowledge and skills in service to the Association and to bring glory to God.

b) Compassion

To love and care for our users and beneficiaries, to help the community and improve the status of women and children.

c) Commitment

To provide excellent service, relevant programmes and other initiatives that impact lives both within and outside the Association.

d) Respect

To value the unique contribution and worth of every person and have due regard for the feelings and rights of others.

e) Teamwork

To work together towards the Vision and Mission of YWCA.