Board of Management 2016/2017

President Mavis Tsoi Urban Planner
2nd Vice President Dancy Thong Accountant
Honorary Secretary
Janet Tan Director, Children’s Ministry  
Honorary Treasurer
Samantha Mark Consultant

Loh-Chiam Shock Yuen
Maureen Nguee
Ma Kheng Min
Dorene Yeo
Jennifer Vayding (co-opted)
Anne Chua (co-opted)
Foo Chek Chiang (co-opted)

Retired Architect
University Lecturer
Polytechnic Lecturer

Retired Lawyer
Retired Architect/Planner
Immediate Past President Tan Kee Leng Advocate & Solicitor

(from left to right): Maureen Nguee, Janet Tan, Mavis Tsoi, Loh-Chiam Shock Yuen, Tan Kee Leng